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New Google Inbox App – Never Miss Important Gmail Messages Again

Inbox is a new application by Google that strives to be much more organized, efficient ,specialized and proactive than the traditional Gmail Email when it comes to important messages. If you are concerned about keeping track of important stuff in your email, you will know that it can be a pain to sort out the clutter especially if you are using one email address for all your needs. Have you ever opened your Gmail, looking for a specific email about a certain transaction, only to be distracted by a bunch of unread emails whose headlines catch your eyes? This not only distracts you but it can make you forget what you are looking for. It’s a common thing for people to set out looking for something, only to forget what they are looking for when they are distracted, for example, you might drop a ring in your room, forget that you dropped a ring, then start searching for something you don’t know.
If the above scenario has ever happened to you while searching for an important email in your Gmail account, then you need Inbox. The Gmail Inbox app will prevent you from getting distracted, forgetting important stuff and trolling while checking your email.
They say a dog is a man’s best friend, but in this era of mobile communication, the mobile phone has taken that position. The mobile phone is always with us on a daily basis, wherever we go, we have the mobile phone as our companion, whether it be at work, at home, while commuting, travelling and even bathing. We have Facebook, mobile games, Whatsapp, email, SMS and Voice Call competing for our attention on the mobile phone. It’s difficult to remain sane and focused in this noise. Important things are sidetracked and minor things are prioritized. A phone call or SMS notification can easily disrupt your attention while you are browsing your inbox. Receiving a lot of email and digging through the pile can cause email fatigue, causing you to give up searching for that important email.Remember, we live in an era with too much buzz and trivia, our attention spans are much shorter than ever before.
The Google Inbox app for mobile has five features that help you to keep in touch with important email and not be sidetracked:
Auto Groups:
Inbox can learn your email communications and automatically sort the mail into groups of similar email. For example, if you have ordered some stuff online on Amazon, EBay, Aliexpress, Best Buy, PlayAsia and other shops, the app will group your invoices, making it easier for you to view your purchase history. You can customize the grouping criteria and Inbox will learn to use the criteria.
Key Information:
When you log into Inbox, it will show you the important email but it doesn’t stop at that. The app will highlight the key details which require you to take action if needed. For example, you ordered a Wrist Mobile Watch Phone from Aliexpress, and the Customs Department requires you to send documentation. The app will highlight the clearance notification from the Courier and the link for contact details.
Reminders and To Do Lists:
You can create reminders and to-do lists on your Inbox app.
If you create reminders and to-do lists, Inbox will add helpful details known as Assists. Assists allow you to take action such as calling a number, clicking a link or visiting the place. For example, if you book a hotel online, the app will add helpful info such as the street address or phone number. If you plan to buy something on Amazon, create a reminder, and Assists will highlight a link to visit Amazon.
This feature of Inbox allows you to ignore specific messages and reminders for a specific time, until you want to see them. This allows you to concentrate on urgent tasks that need to be done right away. Snooze will remove the messages from visibility and bring them back to the top after a scheduled time.
Inbox has not yet been rolled out to everyone at this time of writing. If you wish to test Inbox, send an invite request to inbox@google.com or go to this page >> get Inbox
Currently, the app works on Android phones (4.1+), iPhone and Chrome Browser. After you receive an invitation, you can download the app on:
Download Inbox:
For iPhone