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Share Google Drive Files as Gmail Attachments – Prevent Data Loss

Why You Must Share a File From Google Drive As a Gmail Attachment
Cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox and Box.com are great services which allow you to store and share large files online. To share a file, you must send a link to the recipient, so that they can download the file from the cloud server.
Google Drive has gone a step forward by allowing you to share a file as a Gmail email attachment. If you are a regular user of G Drive, you will notice that you were only able to share a file as a link. It might look like a small feature but it is very important. Sharing files as attachment preserves them for future access even if they are deleted from the Drive storage. On the other hand, a link does not allow you to do that, once a file is deleted, it is gone, making the link useless.
The following are advantages of sharing your Drive files as a Gmail attachment:
·           You can access the files in the cloud storage as well as in your Gmail Inbox
·           When you delete the files in the cloud storage, you will still be able to access the files in your Gmail Inbox. Prevent data loss from deletion.
·           The recipient can still get access to the files even if you delete them from G Drive.
To insert a Drive file as an attachment in your Gmail message, do the following:
·         Log into Gmail, and compose a new email
·         Click the Google Drive icon at the bottom of the text editor
·         Select your file from Google Drive and click “insert as attachment” on the bottom right
·         Wait for the file to be attached and saved to your message, then click “Send”
Only files under 25mb can be attached.