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Your Gmail account or address allows you to sign in to all your Google services. Here are some of the services that you might be using or might want to use:

This is the main login for your Google services. It takes you to your Gmail inbox. Go to the page to log in or sign up if you don’t have an account yet.Google Account:

Google Play Account:

On the Play Store, you can access a lot of free and paid apps to install on your android phone. Installing an app is as simple as going to the link below, choosing your desired app from the available categories and clicking the install button.

Google Plus Account:

This is a popular social network, an alternative to Facebook, where you can hang out with friends, create groups and pages to promote your brand, organization or cause. To sign in, go to the URL below:

Blogger Account:

If you are a passionate writer who writes regularly, then you will find Blogger also known as BlogSpot very useful. The platform allows you to create your own blog, and you can customize it according to your taste by changing the color, layout and using widgets. You can post via your mobile phone if you don’t have access to a desktop browser. You can post YouTube videos and pictures on your blog, including HTML and JavaScript. Sign into blogger now:

Google Drive Account:

Drive allows you to store huge files on the internet. It is an online storage service provided for Gmail users. Anybody with a Gmail account can use the service to upload their backups e.g. ZIP files, videos files, audio files and many other documents on cloud servers. Small start-ups and businesses will find this service useful as it allows them to save costs. Drive is free to use, up to 5G.You can sign in below:

Google Docs Account:

Docs is an online document editor that allows you to work online. You can edit Microsoft documents like Excel, Word and PowerPoint. If you have Microsoft Office installed on your computer, your recently edited documents will be synced to Docs, saving you a lot of time. To access Docs, go to:

Google Sites:

Google Sites allows you to create static websites as opposed to blogs. Static websites are commonly used by companies, artists, freelancers and anybody who wants to display their profile, portfolio and contact details. They aren’t regularly updated so if you want a landing page to promote to your customers, fans and clients, then a static website is the way to go, otherwise you should use blogger if you have regular updates. To create your static site, sign in below:

Google Groups:

Groups are meant for people with a common cause and networking. They can be open or private. The creator of the group will decide if it will be open or closed. If it’s a closed or private group, you will need an invitation. Groups are usually built around a specific topic or niche, for example if you want to discuss online marketing, dogs, cars or money. Create your own group or join one now by following the link below:

Android Developer Account:

If you are a programmer or coder who wants to learn how to create an android app, then Google has a platform to get you started. You will also learn how to publish your app on the Play Store:

YouTube Account:

We all know YouTube, it is a popular place to watch internet videos uploaded by people around the world. Anyone can upload their video, and you can do it from the comfort of your home. All you need is a computer to upload your videos. You can use a webcam to take instant videos or simply upload that original video which you took with your camera. Click the link below to sign in:

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