Popular Gmail Apps to Enhance Your User Experience

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Gmail is used by millions of people and it has made great strides in upstaging Yahoo Mail and Hotmail as the favourite email for many reasons. Through Google Labs, Gmail is always experimenting with new features that are aimed at improving the user experience. However, with the popularity of Gmail, there has also been an emergence of hundreds of new web apps that are developed by third parties to help you organize and manage your emails. This post takes you through some of the amazing Gmail apps that will make you love Gmail even more.

Use Gmail Web Apps with OAuth Access

Google is always looking to enhance the user experience for its Gmail service while maintaining high levels of security and one of the ways that Google has made this happen is through the OAuth Access for Gmail IMAP/SMTP servers. Simply put, OAuth Access is a protocol that is used by third party apps to get permission from the user to access their data without the need to reveal their password. This is important for any non-Google apps (Apps that are not developed by Google) that want to access the user’s data on Gmail.

Users can have peace of mind in any third party Gmail app that uses the OAuth Access Protocol as it prevents your password or login details from being stolen or shared without your consent. There are many apps that require you to export your Gmail data (e.g. photos, contacts list, mails) to other platforms and with Gmail OAuth Access, you can enjoy external services safely and securely without sharing your sensitive account information.


This Google Mail app is actually a social network aggregator that is integrated with Gmail and when you open an email, it shows the social profile info of the sender on the right side bar. If your contacts are members of social networks such as Twitter and LinkedIn or any social network that is supported by Rapportive, then you will see a preview of their profiles on the right side bar. The side bar is often filled with Ads from Google but when you have Rapportive installed, it will replace the Ads so you won’t have Ads showing in your email.

Find Big Mail:  

The name of this Gmail application is what is says. Its use is to find big mail in your Gmail inbox and it automatically sorts files of various sizes into different folders. Files are sorted into different categories – Green, Yellow, Pink and Red. Soon after the scan, FindBigMail will show you a pie chart with different colours showing the approximate size of the mail. There are four categories designated by different colours – Small email less than 100kb is shown in Green. Email between 100kb and 500kb is shown in Yellow. Email over 500kb and less than 2MB is shown in Pink. Email over 2MB is shown in Red. The scan summary also shows you the number of emails that have been found in each category. You can use this app to find attachments that are taking too much space in your inbox and then proceed to delete these files in their respective folders.

Away Find:  

The purpose of this Google Mail app is simple. It sends you notifications via mobile phone, SMS, voice call or IM when you receive an important message. You can go on a vacation or anywhere as long as you have your mobile phone and never have to log into your Gmail account to check for mail. The app can also be set to send notifications to people in your team, so that they attend to the messages on your behalf.

Cloud Magic: 

This Gmail app is an instant search tool that allows you to search emails quickly. It also allows you to drag files from Google Docs and drop them as attachments in your mail and all this is done from the preview window, with your current mail open, so you do not need to move away to a new window.


Boomerang is an email scheduler that sends your draft email at the times you set. You can set schedules days or hours ahead. The boomerang app can be used with Gmail and you will find it handy if you are a busy person or small business owner.

Other Inbox:  

The Other Inbox is a Gmail app that organizes your mail according to categories and labels. The other cool feature is its ability to automatically unsubscribe you to all emails that are put in a specific category i.e. unsubscribe category. If your inbox is filled with emails that you are subscribed to but no longer want to read or receive, then you can simply move these emails to the Unsubscribe Folder and they will be automatically unsubscribed so you no longer receive these emails again.

Active Inbox: 

This Gmail application is more of a project manager in that it sorts your emails into tasks and you can create schedules and reminders. Taskforce is another app that allows you to manage your emails.


If you think logging into your Gmail account every time to search for email is a hassle, then you must use the Greplin web app. This app can search your mail without signing into your account. You can also use the app to search Facebook, Evernote, Dropbox, Google Docs, Twitter and LinkedIn without requiring to log into the accounts.

GM Desk: 

This application can be installed on your PC, Linux or Mac operating system. Instead of going to the web browser every time you want to open Gmail, you can just click and open this program on your desktop. It also allows you to access Google Docs, Google Calendar and Google Maps with using the browser.


This app removes low-priority emails from your inbox and places them in another folder, leaving your inbox only with high-priority mail. We all know how frustrating it can be to fish out that important email from a jungle of mail in your inbox. This app does it all for you to separate the most important stuff from the less-important stuff in your inbox.


ScanDrop is a Gmail web app that is connected to a network of desktop scanners and cloud storage systems, thereby allowing you to scan, attach and send files within your Gmail account.

Other Google Mail apps to look at include:



Gmail Assistant

Gmail Mobile

Gmail ToDo



GSN SMS Notifier




Trip IT

Scan Drop MAC


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