How to Setup Gmail Push on iPhone / iPad through Microsoft Exchange

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How to Setup Push Gmail on iPhone

Another way of accessing your Gmail mail on the iphone is to setup Push Gmail through Microsoft Exchange on your IOS device. This method makes use of Push notifications to synchronize and open your Mail, Contacts and Calendar. This is different from setting up or installing a Gmail iphone app which does not need an Exchange program or iphone 4 and above (IOS 4.0 +), can support more than one Exchange accounts. To set up Gmail for the iphone on an exchange account, you are required to go through a couple of steps:

1. On your iphone icon screen, go to “Settings”

2. Tap to open [Mail, Contacts and Calendars]

3. Tap [Add Account]

4. Choose [Microsoft Exchange]

5. On the resulting page, enter your Google mail or Gmail email address under [Username] This is your or Under [Domain] do not enter anything. Leave it empty. Under [Password] enter your Google Account or Gmail login password. Press the [next] button at the top right.

6. On the next page, you should enter your Google mail or Gmail email address again under [Username].Enter the domain name ( under [Server].Under [Domain] leave the space blank. Press the [next] button at the top right.

Tip: If you use the email address on Step 5 and 6 you may see the warning “Unable to verify certificate” when you press the [Next] button. When this message appears, press [Cancel] on the dialogue and proceed to the next step.

7. Now you have to sync your Mail, Calendar and Contacts. Turn on [Mail] and [Calendar] and enable [New Invitations] on your Google Calendar to receive minutes for your upcoming meetings. Log into your Google Calendar via the web browser and change the settings as follows: Go to [Calendar Settings] > [Calendars] > select the calendar you want to get notifications for and click [Notifications], go to [Email] and tick “New Notifications”. Click [Save].You should do this for all calendars you want to sync.

8. To sync your Contacts, turn on [Mail].The program will ask you what you want to do with existing contacts on your iphone.Choose [Keep on My iPhone] if you want to keep the contacts on your device. This option also allows you to use iTunes to sync with your PC.If you do not want to keep the existing contacts on your iphone, press the red [Delete] button. Congratulations! you have just synced Gmail on your iphone.

How to Setup Gmail on iPhone Mail

Other than setting up Gmail in iPhone Mail using Microsoft Exchange, you can set up Gmail as a POP or IMAP account on your iphone or ipad.

How to set up Gmail IMAP access on the iphone:

– Log into your Gmail Account and go to Settings to Enable IMAP access for your Gmail account.

– On your iphone screen ,tap / press [Settings]

– Go to [Mail,Contacts,Calendars]

– Under [Accounts] go to [Add Account] and Tap / press this tab.

– Select [Google Mail]

– Under [Name] type in your name.

– Under [Address] enter your Gmail email address

– Under [Password] enter your Gmail Login password.

– Under [Description] enter “Gmail”.

– Press [Save]

– Go to [Accounts] and tap your Account Name “Gmail”.

– Press [Advanced]

– Go to [Deleted Messages] and choose [Remove].Select “Never”.

– That’s it. Go to the home page. Gmail is now set on Apple Mail

How to set up Gmail POP access on the iphone:

– Log into your Gmail account and go to Settings to Enable POP access for your account.

– Go to the Home screen on your iphone and press / tap Settings.

– Go to [Mail ]

– Go to [Accounts] and Press [Add Account]

– Pick [Google Mail] as your selection

– Enter your name in the Name field.

– Enter your Gmail address in the Address field.

– Enter your Gmail Sign In password in the Password field.

– Enter a name to describe your account e.g. “Gmail” in the Description field.

– To save your settings, press [Save].That’s it, you have set up Gmail on Iphone Mail

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