How to Setup Gmail iPhone App

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Gmail Iphone / Ipad App with Native Interface:

Gmail for the iphone and ipad is an application for IOS devices that can be downloaded from the Apple App store. The Gmail iphone app (from is a dedicated app that does not need an Exchange program like Microsoft Exchange and it also does not need the to work. It is an app with a native Gmail interface which appears on your iphone, ipad or iPod touch.

You do not have to deal with the hassles of again. The dedicated Gmail iphone app has the following features:

Push Notifications: When you receive new messages in your inbox, a sound alert will let you know.

Mail Search: You can search mail in your inbox using the universal search box. The did not have this feature and you could only search mail using “All Mail”.

Auto complete: This feature allows you to manage your contacts from the preferred place i.e. your iphone address book or Gmail contacts. Choose whichever is best for you.

Attachments: There is an option to upload attachments. Simple click the upload button to attach a file to your message.

Gmail for the iphone also brings native features from the Gmail interface such as the Priority Inbox, Threaded Conversations, the Archive, Labels, Star, Delete and Report Spam. When you log into your iphone gmail, you will recognize all the basic features that are found on its web-based counterpart. These are features that are not available when Gmail is used with external email clients.

Threaded conversations are available on the iphone 4S and this feature is popular with Gmail users.

The app for iphone is still new and you should expect more updates in the future like offline mail caching, multiple account support etc.

How to Setup Gmail on iPhone

How to Set Up Gmail for Iphone and Ipad

You can set up Gmail for the iphone or any IOS device (ipad) by following the steps below. Choosing the default profile that Apple provides on the device looks simple but it will give you complications. You will get more flexibility and efficiency by customizing your Gmail profile instead of using the automated profile installation. To set up Gmail on your IOS device:

  1. Go to [Settings] and select [Mail,Contacts,Calendars]
  2. If you have an existing Gmail account that you installed automatically by default, then you should delete it. Do not use this profile for your custom settings. Instead create a new one.
  3. Tap the iphone screen on [Add Account]
  4. On the provided list, select [Other]
  5. Enter your details: Name, Address, Password and Account Description. On the top right hand corner of the screen, tap [Save]
  6. Select [IMAP] It should be highlighted in blue.
  7. On the screen page, enter the details for the Incoming and Outgoing Server:
    1. Incoming Mail Server:
    2. Host Name: []
    3. Username: []
    4. Password: [Your Gmail login password] This is usually filled automatically so you might not need to type it in.
    1. Outgoing Mail Server:
    2. Host Name: []
    3. Username: []
    4. Password: [Your Gmail login password]
  1. When you have entered the details for the incoming and outgoing server, Tap the screen on [Save].Wait for the device to process and verify your settings. When the verification is done, you should be sent back to the “Settings” page.
  2. On the settings page, look for your newly added Gmail account. Tap the screen on this Account Name and go down to [Advanced].
  3. On the Advanced page, choose [Drafts Mailbox] then go to [Gmail] > [On the Server] and select [Drafts].
  4. Under [Drafts] go to [On My iPhone] > [Sent Mail] and select [Sent].This is the folder where copies of your sent messages will be kept. Gmail will make and store copies in this folder automatically.
  5. Now you have to set the trash can button settings. Go to [Deleted Mailbox].
    1. If you want to delete messages in the trash can every time you click the button, then you must go to [Gmail] > [On the Server] and select [Trash].
    2. If you want to archive messages in the trash can every time you click the button, then you must go to [Gmail] > [On the Server] and select [All Mail].
  6. Change the settings for [Deleted Messages] on your iphone to “Never”. This will ensure that your trash can is not emptied and your archive is not deleted automatically by the iphone.
  7. Test your mail and see if it syncs

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