How To Log into Multiple Gmail Accounts

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When you are already logged into your Google account, you have two options. You can log into multiple Gmail accounts on the same web browser or you can switch over to another Gmail account by logging out of your current account and logging into another account right from your dashboard.


To log into multiple Gmail accounts, you must go to the link at assuming you are already signed in. On this page, you should select the “ON” option for signing into multiple Gmail accounts on the same browser. You should then proceed to tick the 3 checkboxes below. Click “Save” at the bottom. Here you should understand that although multiple sign-in is supported for Gmail, it may not be supported in other Google products. When you click “Switch” under the gear icon at the top right hand corner, the Gmail address that you first logged into is marked (default) and you should see the “back” button to go back to this account. The account that you are currently signed into should be marked with a green tick and it is also shown at the top.

The following Google products allow you to switch between multiple accounts: Gmail, iGoogle, Google Voice, Google Reader, Google Plus, Calendar, Sites, Finance, Moderator and Code.

How To Sign Into Mutiple Google Mail Accounts:

Step 1: Log into your Gmail Account.

Step 2: Go To The Multiple Sessions Link on

Step 3: Choose “On” and tick the three boxes

Step 4: Click “Save”

Step 5: Go to your email address at the top right and click it

Step 6: Go to “Switch Account” at the bottom right and click it

Step 7: You should see two options i) Sign in to another account ii) Sign out of all accounts

Step 8: Click “Sign in to another account” to switch to another account

Step 9: On the resulting page,enter the username and password of the Gmail account that you want to log into.

How To Turn Off Multiple Google Mail Sign In

To turn off multiple sign-in for Gmail, you must go to  and select the “OFF” option for signing into one account at a time, then click “Save”. With this option, you cannot log into multiple accounts on the same browser. When one account is logged in, the other account will be automatically logged out.

Obviously with the inbuilt Gmail feature for multiple sign-in, you do not need any other tool or method to sign into multiple accounts.However, it doesn’t hurt to know the other methods for logging into multiple Gmail accounts at the same time:

Forwarding All Your Emails To One Gmail Address:

When you have multiple Gmail accounts, you can forward all the Gmail addresses to one Gmail address. This way, you can open any emails from your different Gmail accounts on one dashboard. To forward your emails, go to “Settings” and under the “Forwarding and POP” tab, add all the Gmail addresses that should be forwarded to your master account. The disadvantage of this method is that all your mail is mixed up and you cannot track mail from each account properly. This method will also take up your storage space quickly.

Make Use Of Email Clients:

Email clients like POP Peeper can open mail from any email address that is configured with them. You can add several Gmail accounts including any other email service to open up on POP Peeper.This program will basically log into multiple accounts at the same time to access your mail. Unlike the above method where mail from different accounts is directed to one inbox and mixed up, an email client like POP Peeper allows you to keep the accounts separate. This means each configured email address will have its own inbox and this should help you track your account mail properly. For example, if you have and ,you can have two separate inboxes, named XXX and YYY respectively, and you can view these inboxes separately from your POP Peeper dashboard. You also have the option to view all messages from the combined inboxes.

Gmail Manager Firefox Plugin:

If you are using the Firefox web browser, you can install the Gmail Manager Plugin that allows you to manage and view messages from multiple Gmail accounts.

There are many applications and methods to log into multiple Gmail accounts, and it is up to you to choose what works for you.

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