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The following is a sitemap of this Gmail-Login blog. This is one of the top websites that strives to answer the popular question on the internet “How To Log Into Gmail?”It was born out of a desire to solve several issues related to Gmail also known as Google Mail. The most frustrating thing that can happen to a Gmail user is losing his or her password or rather being unable to log into their email account. For the unlucky ones, they are shut out of their Gmail account for many days, causing them to get worried and confused, not knowing what to do.

Before you panic, you should know that you can log into your Google Mail account again if you trouble shoot the problem. There are hundreds of reasons why you are unable to log into Gmail and you should carefully think about what might have caused the problem.

A majority of people will forget their passwords, and recovering your password is one of the easiest things you can do. To recover your password, simply go to the Gmail Sign in page. Click the “Forgot Password” or “Cannot Remember Password” link under the login form, and you will get the instructions for recovering or resetting your password.

While you might think that you have forgotten your password, in some cases you might be wrong. Your account might have been hacked or compromised, and the hacker might have changed your password. If the password recovery procedure does not work to get back your account, then you should consider other possible causes and ways to get back your account.

It might be a browser problem that is preventing you from signing into your account. For example, did you clear the browser cookies? A regular login can sometimes fail if the website cookies have been cleared. Some websites simply require their cookies enabled on a web browser in order for you to use them. If you cleared your Google or cookies, try to enable them.

As opposed to enabling cookies, you can also clear your browser cache and cookies, then start a fresh login. When you try to log into Gmail and fail because you been using a wrong password, your failure attempts are saved in the browser cache. These saved login attempts are server error URLs from Google. If you don’t clear your browser cache, the browser will redirect you to these login error URLs and you will be unable to log into your account. Clear the cache and make a fresh sign in.

Sometimes, if your computer is ridden with malware, you will have serious login issues on Gmail. Malware can alter your Hosts File and block certain websites like from being accessed. As a check, open your Hosts File with an editor like NotePad++ and look for any websites and IPs that shouldn’t be there. You might find that and its respective IPs have added to the block list. Clear the Hosts File of all blocked websites and save it. Go online and try to sign in into your account.

Sometimes, our personal computers really get screwed up because we use them heavily for many things. Many unwanted things get onto our computers from careless downloads and surfing shady websites. Take a break from your computer and try to use another computer to log into your Gmail account. Most of the times, this will work if your password has not been changed by a hacker. Before you use your computer to log into your account, you must clean it. Download some anti-virus software and scan your computer. If possible, remove all unwanted programs and applications. Try to use the system restore to go back to a state when your computer was working properly. When you run System Restore, a program that was causing your Gmail login problems will be removed.

There are more than 20 ways to solve Gmail Log in issues, but this page cannot accommodate all the methods.Instead, you should refer to the sitemap below. This is a summary of the blog that will lead you to valuable resources that contain useful information to solve your issues.


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