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Gmail Login Channels


If your normal Gmail login point is not allowing you to do what you normally do i.e. logging into your Gmail account and viewing your email, then you should consider using other login channels to access your mail.

Gmail is only one of the products offered by among hundreds of products including experimental ones. The company claims to have surpassed 425 million users worldwide since 12 June 2012 for their webmail service.

The webmail service from Google also known as Google Mail can be accessed via a web browser, as you probably know. There are multiple ways of logging into your email account on a web browser besides the normal Gmail sign in page.

So what should you do if you cannot log into your Gmail account? If the Gmail login page is giving you a tough time, you should try signing into your account using other Google services such as YouTube, iGoogle, Google Plus Social Network, Blogger, Google Voice, Google Docs, Google Apps, Adsense, Google Analytics, Webmaster, Google Earth, Google Drive, Orkut, Panoramio,Google Profile, Picnik,Google Play and others. One of these login points are bound to work.

The secure login page for Gmail is found on:

When a normal browser login does not work, you should also try to log in from their mobile web page on:

Gmail Mobile Login

Today’s smartphones like the iphone and android phone make use of mobile applications that allow you to do a variety of tasks. One of these tasks is accessing your favourite email from services like Gmail. You can access your email by downloading a Gmail app for the iphone from the Apple Store or a Gmail app for the android phone from Google Play. Install the app on your phone and you will be ready to access your mail by clicking a Gmail icon on your phone menu. This is faster than using a mobile browser and it gives you more enhanced features. If you have a Windows phone, look for a Gmail app in the Windows App store.

Gmail iPhone App

Gmail Android App

It is also possible to make a Gmail login using desktop software. This might be software from or software by third party developers who create apps for use with Gmail. GTalk and Google Voices are products from Google but there are hundreds of Gmail apps made by third party developers.

Google Talk

Google Talk is a chat app that can be downloaded and installed on your computer. This app is made for PC and Windows XP or later. The good thing about this chat app is that you don’t need a browser to access chat. It will work as long as you are connected to the internet. To understand how this software works, think of Skype Chat. It allows you to send instant messages and you can start a conversation with someone who is online. You can choose to type in your message or you can initiate a phone call with the other person.

Google Talk also known as GTalk allows to log into your Gmail account. You can view your emails as well as get email notifications from the bottom tray if you enable this option. Logging into GTalk is one way of accessing your email account if a browser login does not work. In this case, you are bypassing the browser to sign into your Gmail account. To download this chat software, you must visit the following URL:

Google Voices

Google Talk software is downloaded from the same page as Google Voices also known as Google Video Chat. This is a desktop application for downloading and installing on your PC or MAC operating system. The video chat plugin works on Windows XP or later, Mac OS X 10.4 or later and Linux. Unlike GTalk, this software allows you to make live video phone calls from Gmail. You can also make phone calls from iGoogle and Orkut.The cool thing is that you can hear and see the person whom you are chatting with. This is a cool app, but it is only available to users in the USA.You can make a Gmail login from this app. To download Google Voices, go to this URL:


iGoogle is intended to be a customizable home page for Google account owners. This page allows you to add custom backgrounds, applications, photos and many other gadgets to your personal Google page. There is a gadget gallery that contains a lot of widgets and gadgets that you can add to your Google home page.iGoogle allows you to view your Gmail inbox, and therefore it is an alternative way to log into Gmail account.Unfortunately, iGoogle will not be around for a long time. It is destined for retirement on 1 November 2013.

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