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Chromecast – Stream Internet Videos to your HDTV with Google Chrome Cast

Google Inc. has launched a new device that allows you to stream online videos to your HD Television at home. The Chromecast is a stick or dongle that you can connect to your HDTV via the HDMI port. To begin watching online videos on your Television, simply run the Chromecast app on your computer, notebook, tablet or any compatible smartphone.You should be connected to the internet. The Chromecast app will scan your WiFi network and detect the stick.

The setup and connection is very smooth and entirely automatic, simply press the Setup button at the back of the stick, enter your WiFi password when prompted ,give a name for your Chromecast and voila,you are already connected to your WiFi network. An LED light will indicate that the device is on and you will also see the strength of the WiFi signal. Play the media that you want to watch on your smartphone by tapping the icon and begin streaming to your TV.

So what makes the Google Chromecast different from its competitors and why is it special and convenient? If you are familiar with internet to television streaming devices such as game consoles (PS3, Xbox, Wii, and Nintendo), blue-ray players and HDTVs with inbuilt internet modems, you will have a reason to like the Chromecast.
First of all, the Chromecast allows you to use your mobile phone or tablet as a TV remote control. You can sit back on your couch and stream videos and music to your television. You will need a compatible mobile phone or tablet to stream online content. The currently supported devices are:
  1. Smartphones and tablets with Android 2.3 and above.
  2. iPhones, iPads and iPods with IOS 6.0 and above.
  3. Computers running Chrome for MAC and Chrome for Windows.
  4. Chromebook Pixel.
The second reason to use Chromecast is its low price, you can get the stick at $35.00 only. It is currently available at Amazon for $29.99 only.Click Here >>>

Streaming devices similar to Chromecast are available but they cost more. These include the Roku Streaming Stick, AirPlay, Apple TV and Amazon Fire.
The Chromecast stick can function on its own, however it comes with a 6 feet Forge USB Power Cable,USB Power Adapter and HDMI Right Angle Male to Female Adapter that allows you to connect to the HDMI port if the Chromecast stick is too big to fit.
Google Chromecast can stream online content from:
Pandora – music
YouTube – videos
Crackle – Hollywood movies, Television series
Rdio – songs, stations
Google Play Movies and TV – TV shows and movies
Google Play Music– songs
Songza – music
Red Bull TV – entertainment, sports, music, lifestyle
Vevo – music videos
Plex – home media library streaming
Rhapsody/Napster – music
Netflix – movies
HB GO – TV network, shows, series and movies
Hulu Plus – current TV shows and movies

How to Setup Google TV

Steps: How to Install Google T.V.
Google TV is internet television software that can be installed on any web-enabled TV. This software will allow you to watch combined media on your screen. You can browse the internet as well as watch television on the same screen. This internet TV software enables you to watch HD videos from streaming sites such as YouTube and Netflix. The latest version is powered by and based on the Android platform, therefore you can also play and interact with Android apps on the screen. An advanced feature for searching and filtering video content according to your preferences is also available. In order to watch Google TV, you have to either buy a Google-TV-compliant HDTV or install a set-up box that can be purchased from electronic retailers such as Sony or Logitech. Here are the steps to set up Google T.V.
Tools and Materials Required:
  1. Revue Box: To be plugged on your HDTV
  2. Cable Box: Enables cable connection from Revue Box to your HDTV
  3. Satellite Box: Enables wireless connection from Revue Box to your satellite TV
  4. HDMI Cable: To connect Revue Box to your HDTV
  5. Ethernet Cable: Runs from Revue Box ethernet port to router/modem
  6. Keyboard Controller: Allows you to control the settings by using a touchpad and keyboard
  7. Existing HD Television: This is required if you don’t have a Google-TV-supported television.
  8. Google-TV-supported Television: A Revue box and Cable/Satellite box are not required if you have a compliant television.
  9. Internet Connection: This is a must if you want to surf the internet on your TV.
  10. TV Camera: This allows you to make live video calls and your friends will see you on video while you are talking.
Method 1: Setting Up Google-TV-compliant Television.
With this method, you will be required to buy a new HD television that has inbuilt support for Google TV, so you don’t need to buy any extra items for setting up. All the accessories required for the set-up e.g. cables and DVDs should be provided.
1.      Step 1: Go to an electronic retailer that sells Google-TV-compliant HD televisions. Sony is one of the most popular and trusted brands that manufacturers this type of televisions.
2.      Step 2: Unpack your HD television and look for an Ethernet cable that comes with the package. Connect one end of this cable to the television internet port and the other end to the router / modem.
3.      Step 3: Switch on the television. On your remote control, proceed as follows, choose your language > country > ZIP code > Continue > Network Setup [Google T.V.] > Wired Network > Auto.
Method 2: Setting Up Google TV with Logitech or Sony Set-Up Box.
This method does not require you to buy a new HD Television if you already have one. You only need to buy a Google-TV set-up box from Logitech or Sony, then connect it your television. There is support for both cable and satellite TV.
1.      Step 1: Unpack the set-up box that contains the internet TV software.
2.      Step 2 : Using an HDMI cable, connect the set-up box to your television
3.      Step 3 : Connect an Ethernet cable from the router / modem to the internet port on the set-up box
4.      Step 4: Switch on your television, then switch on the set-up box. Read the manufacturer’s instructions on how to set up the TV inputs for your new connection.
5.      Step 5: Use the normal satellite or cable TV remote control to select TV channels, and use the provided remote control to open the internet TV software and watch Google Television, browse the internet or interact with Android apps.
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Cool Features:
Google TV has cool features, now you can surf the web and watch TV in the comfort of your home. No need to get your laptop or go to your desktop when you want to surf the internet. Just sit on your sofa and do everything on your Television. You can also use your iphone or android phone as a remote control for Google HD TV.A voice enabled search with custom tones is also possible to find what you are looking for. Instead of watching slow loading videos on the internet, you can now watch the same videos at uninterrupted speed on TV by clicking a button. You can also listen to music from Napster or Pandora on your TV.
Simultaneously watch TV and browse the internet by splitting your screen into two. Your web-enabled TV can be turned into an internet “Home Page” allowing you to access your favourite websites via the Google Chrome web browser. You can create a TV Playlist from the web content that you are surfing as well as record videos using the search bar. What more, there is no content that you cannot watch on Google TV. You can even turn your HD screen into a beautiful slideshow of high quality pictures which can be streamed onto your TV from various picture galleries and photo sharing sites on the internet. Go to Flickr, Tiny Pic or Facebook and view your pics on HDTV.

Google TV: Internet Television Software

Google TV is a product that is developed and owned by Google Inc.This is a software that can be installed on numerous television systems such as satellite TV, digital TV and other television devices. This software allows you to watch internet content on your television. Generally, it’s internet integrated in your television. You can imagine a whole lot of possibilities of what this software can do…from watching YouTube videos on your TV, watching online movies on your TV if you are subscribed to services like Netflix or interacting with a TV ad that takes you takes you online to try a product or reading news updates on a Facebook Page of your favourite movie star whose movie is being premiered on television. Google T.V. allows you to crossover from television to internet and vice-versa. You are able to watch combined content from different media, make references between the platforms and get more details on another platform. All the above mentioned activities are carried out on your Google television screen. You can split your screen into two, allowing you to watch internet content on one side and television on the other.
The search bar on Google TV is the most important feature. This allows you to search for various content including android apps.You can search your favourite TV channels, recently viewed items, games etc.Google Television aims to connect you to multiple TV products and digital experiences.
Google T.V. made its debut in the U.S.A. in October 2010, the only place where it is currently available but plans are underway to launch the product in the UK and the European Union soon. So how much does a US customer expect to pay for this product? The internet TV device is available from digital product makers such as Logitech, Samsung and Sony. The price ranges from $100.00 to $300.00 depending on the manufacturer.
As with any new ground breaking product, this internet TV software from Google has a long way to go before it reaches its potential of becoming the next generation’s coolest item. This web enabled television device currently allows you to interact with mouse and text but a voice enabled device is being developed. Also, effort has been made in the new version to make the interface more user-friendly and simple.
Whats new in Google TV second version?
The second launch of Google TV in October 2011 saw a lot of improvements in the user interface and many other features such as direct content discovery. A new feature that has been added to this new version is direct connection to the Google Android App Market. The Android App market is an App store that works like the Apple App Store. Here you can find games and apps that can be installed and played on your Android mobile phone. To play these games / apps via Google Television, they have to be compatible with the TV software. There are hundreds of compatible apps that you can find in the App market and access via Google T.V.
Notable improvements have been made since the first launch and these are summarized below:
          Integration of Android App Market
          Direct Content Discovery
          Simple and User friendly Interface
          High Quality YouTube Experience
As many people think, Google TV is not a video streaming site like Netflix or YouTube. Instead, it is a service that brings web-based videos from various streaming sites to your television. There have been cases where TV networks were blocking their content from being viewed on Google T.V. but still the user is assured of high quality content from premium video-on-demand sources that allow their content to be viewed via this software.
Simple and User friendly Interface
Whereas the original version had an interface that is cumbersome and frustrating to navigate, the new version features a clean and simple interface. The nice looking row of icons at the bottom of the screen is intuitive and straightforward for an average user. On this menu you will find buttons for YouTube, Netflix, Google Chrome, Android App Market and Content Discovery [Search].The App Display now shows a tablet-like interface with 16 app icons in a 4 x 4 arrangement which replaces the list format of the original version.
Direct Content Discovery
The Search function of Google’s web enabled TV has been improved to target relevant and precise results. You can now filter content using the TV & Movies app to get exactly what you are looking for. The filters allow you to find content by category, price, video quality and “Playing Now”. Google Internet TV takes a step further by allowing opt-in users to browse content according to personal preferences. You can also follow and view videos or shows that are trending by using additional tools. The Content Discovery feature pulls results from various sources such as YouTube, HBO GO, Amazon, Netflix as well as cable and satellite.
High Quality YouTube Experience
Google web TV makes use of a YouTube app to deliver high quality YouTube videos to viewers. This is actually an android app that is optimized for television. Taking advantage of speed-enhancing software technology already used for deploying YouTube videos on mobile phones, the app loads videos extremely faster on Google TV. Not only can you switch between videos at top speed but you can view them in high definition. The home interface of the GTV YouTube app features 5 tabs on the vertical menu. You can navigate to “My YouTube” “Featured” “Discover Channels” “Movies” and “Search”.
Integration of Android App Market
Android App lovers will be happy to know that they are now able to access Android apps directly from the Google T.V. screen.However, only a few apps on the Android Market are Google-TV-compatible but this will soon change as the web TV software becomes popular. Developers will have to code their apps to be Google-TV-compliant and tap into this market. At least 1,500 apps on the Android Market are compliant and these can be found by clicking “Other Games” or “Other Apps” on the interface. You can also use the Search Bar at the top to find apps.Featured Apps [Featured for TV],the ones selected by Google for being highly optimized for TV software are displayed prominently on the screen together with their icons, name, developer and price. Most of these apps are “Free” so you should be able to try them on your TV software.
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