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Save Data with Opera Max App for Google Android Phones

Opera is a software company that is well known for its innovative Opera Browser that makes use of data compression technology to reduce the size of files downloaded on your browser. When you browse a website, you are actually downloading the pages, feature-rich websites can quickly eat up your data plan especially if you have limited megabytes.

How to Save Data with Opera Browser
If you are on a desktop browser, you can activate Opera Turbo to reduce the size of files downloaded on your device. Select the option on the drop-down menu of the top left tab.

If you are using a mobile phone, you should have Opera Mini installed on your phone, and make sure you change the image quality to “Low” under the settings. This will allow you to save data. If you choose a high image quality, you will waste a lot of data, the difference is noticeable.

Smartphones use a lot more data than standard GSM cellphones.If you have an Android mobile phone, you can minimize data usage by lowering the image quality on your Opera Mobile browser. Go to your browser, click menu on the bottom left side of your screen >> Tools >> Settings, and select a Low resolution for your images.
The data saving methods above only work for browser-based activity, they will not work on applications that you have installed on your phone. Many people are surprised how they have used so much data on their phones despite using a few applications. If you want to use an application like Facebook on your phone without consuming a lot of data, then you should log into Facebook straight from your Opera Mini browser to benefit from data compression technology. Applications like Facebook can consume a lot of data within an instant if you are not aware. It all depends on the richness of the content, is it high quality, low quality or average. New technologies like webp,a web format which strives to maximize compression while enhancing or maintaining picture quality are being adopted by entities such as Google,Facebook and many other websites. At the present moment, only Google Chrome and Opera support webp.
Opera Max for Android
The best way to save data on your Android phone is to install the Opera Max app. Compared to Facebook, Whatsapp doesn’t consume a lot of data. However, most applications (e.g. games) can consume a lot of data and leave you wondering how you used that amount of data in a short period of time. Opera Max is an application by Opera that controls the amount of data used by your apps and mobile browser. It can reduce the size of content downloaded on your phone (e.g. videos, app content , browser content and images) by more than 50%.The developers claim the app can compress a 10mb video by as much as 70%.If you are annoyed by buffering and slow web-surfing issues, Opera Max can speed up mobile video playback and improve your surfing speed.

Some of the features of Opera Max are listed below:
          See the amount of data used by each app
          See the amount of data used  and saved on a daily basis
          See the amount of data used and saved every month
          Block apps which consume a lot of data
Opera Max will allow you to see apps that are using data although you aren’t using them. Just by checking the usage statistics, you will be able to take action on apps that are running on your mobile.
This data saving android app is currently available in 16 countries, and it will be rolled out to other countries in due course.

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How to Save Internet with Google Mobile Browser on your Computer

Use Google Mobile Browser on your PC and save internet 
Google Search has a full version as well as a mobile version of its home page. The mobile version is an html version that does not use a lot of bandwidth. Have you ever found yourself trying to save your internet bandwidth? When you browse the internet, you are actually downloading the web page on your browser. Each web page has content measured in kilobytes or megabytes. The richer the page i.e. the more graphics and images it has, the greater the size of its download. This means if you are browsing flashy websites with lots of images and graphics, your internet bandwidth will be quickly used up.
If you are browsing rich websites like picture galleries, video sites and flash websites, you will find yourself downloading a 5MB webpage or even a 20MB webpage. This is not good if your internet connection is capped. If your internet is limited, you will not be able to browse a lot of websites without running out of data. Depending on your country, internet service providers may charge by the amount of data downloaded (charge per megabyte) or by time (charge per minute).In some cases, the ISP may provide both plans and you will be able to choose between the two plans or you can switch between the two services by sending a code.
If your internet is capped then it’s a good idea to go by charge per minute. This option will allow you to surf as many pages as you can regardless of the amount of data downloaded. For example, you can download a 300MB Microsoft Office 2007 Suite within an hour as long as you finish the download within the available minutes. For example, the prepaid 3G internet service by MTC allows you to switch between Netman Time and Netman Instant.Netman Time is US$1.16 per hour and the maximum internet time allowed per day is 2 hours. However, if you were on a charge per megabyte plan, you would not be able to download a 300MB program if your data was limited to 200MB a day.

The cost per Megabyte is also costly because the charge is $0.05 per MB if you don’t buy the data bundles. Even the data bundles are not cheap at $0.025 per MB or less. To download a 300MB program, you would need to pay 300 x $0.025 = $7.50.This is very expensive. A pay per minute plan like Netman Time will only require you to pay $1.00 per hour for any amount of data downloaded from the internet.Opting for charge per minute is one way of saving internet on your PC but there is another way that makes use of a mobile browser.

Second Method of Saving Internet:
This method makes use of a mobile web browser allowing you to browse websites in html format. There are many types of mobile web browsers also known as mobile browser simulators or emulators that allow you to view websites in mobile mode. One of these mobile simulators is Google Mobile Browser, but there are many other types of simulators that you can find on the internet such as Nokia Symbian Emulators, Opera Mini Simulator, Firefox for Mobile Simulator, Ripple Emulator and PhoneGap Simulator.
If you want to browse the HTML version of a website as if it were appearing on a mobile browser like Opera Mini, then you would need to go to this URL:
Google Mobile Browser:
Simply go to the URL above and type in your website URL, then click the browse button.
This browser allows you to open the html version of any website, thus allowing you to save your internet bandwidth. If the webpage you want to open is 10MB in size, then the Google mobile browser will show you a lighter webpage that is only a few kilobytes in size. This is important if you only want to read the text. Other elements which contribute to the full size of the webpage will not be shown, for example images, flash, video and graphics.