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Advertising space in the form of Banner Ads is available for clients who wish to promote their products and services on this website. This website is suitable for advertising a range of products, but we recommend advertising services/products that are related to the content on this blog to achieve a high click-through rate. Suggested products and services to advertise on this blog include:

1 – Recommended Ads

  • Email programs & services
  • Account Managers
  • Login Programs
  • Password Protection programs
  • Password Recovery programs
  • Downloads & Installs
  • Toolbars
  • Anti-Virus Software
  • Online Applications & Tools
  • Computer Programs
  • Games
  • Prevent Identity Theft
  • Stop Phishing Emails
  • Email Clients
  • Cloud Services

2 – Banner Ads:

Advertisers can submit the following Banner Ad sizes, which are charged on per-month basis:


300 x 250 – $500 per month

150 x 150 – $350 per month


728 x 90 – $700 per month

Above Post/Page Title:  

336 x 280 – $700 per month

300 x 250 – $600 per month

Ads above fold – It is a fact that Ads above the fold get the highest clicks because they are highly visible to visitors and they can be seen without scrolling down the page. In respect of this, an extra $50 will be charged for Ads above the fold. For Ads below the fold, the normal rates will apply.

Note: Since Ads are priced on a monthly rate basis, you are required to submit Ads in image format with a link to your landing page. The Ad will be displayed as a clickable image. The following image formats are acceptable – jpeg, png, gif.

HTML Ads: If you wish to submit HTML ads, you should provide us with embed code. You will be responsible for hosting and serving the code.HTML Ads should comply with the banner sizes stated above.

3 – Organic Traffic:

Over 99% of visitors to are from the search engine Bing, and USA is the top country. You have access to 99% natural search engine traffic that is likely to give you conversions if your Ad is well designed and targeted.

4 – Free Advertising – We are offering a 5 day free trial for advertisers who wish to test the platform before making a commitment. During this period, you can track the source of traffic and clicks.

Request a 3 Day Free Trial – Free Advertising

To request a Free Trial,please send an email to

How to Buy Ad Space

 To buy Ad space, Click the link below and go to our shopping cart:

Our payment provider (Click2Sell) accepts PayPal, Moneybookers and Credit Cards.

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