Get a Kindle Email Address with the Kindle eReader

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Why You Should Buy the Kindle and Get a Kindle Email Address

The Kindle is an ebook reader made by Amazon. It provides better readability for long documents than any known android tablet or ipad. It allows you to open, view, read and download long electronic documents anywhere in the world. All your electronic documents are stored in the Amazon Cloud server and can be streamed and accessed anywhere in real time on your Kindle device. To send documents from the Cloud server to your device, you simply log into your Amazon account (Kindle Library) and transfer the documents to your device by using a personal Kindle Email Address

Advantages of the Kindle and Kindle Email:


– Portable and lightweight. You can go with it anywhere, to a business meeting, lectures, workshops, conference, presentations or when you are flying or travelling in a train, bus or car.
– You can access long documents anywhere in the world where there is an internet WiFi connection. The Kindle Touch 3G can also be used anywhere in the world. You only need to get the prepaid 3G sim card offered by the local internet service providers.
– You have over 500 million ebooks to read from Amazon and you can have your favorite blogs and magazines sent to your kindle for daily consumption.
– You do not need to be online to read your books, magazines and blogs.
– Your Kindle has a longer life battery span (14 days) than most tablets which only last 12 hours.
– You can open and read full documents in direct sunlight because the Kindle has a clear and anti-glare E-Ink screen.

Kindle Email

– You can send documents to your Kindle device
– You can create email addresses and
– You can add approved contacts in your Kindle Email Account. Only the approved contacts can send you Email thus eliminating spam. You can delete contacts so that you won’t receive any email from them again.
– All your documents are centrally stored in the Kindle Library
– You can store up to 5G of data
– You can send attachments up to 50MB with Kindle Mail. Gmail only limits you to 25MB.
– You can send up to 25 attachments in a single mail
– You can send your documents for free using the email address over Wi-Fi
– For delivering documents via 3G (whispernet), the charge is 15 cents per MB for those residing in the USA and 99 cents per MB for international users.
– You can send documents to multiple Kindle devices and Kindle applications
– You can transfer documents between multiple Kindle devices
– You can enable automatic archiving in your Kindle Library that stores all the documents sent to your Kindle devices from other email services i.e. Gmail, YahooMail.
– You can send email attachments (e.g. Gmail or Yahoo Mail) to your email address so that you can open and read them on your Kindle device. If you wish to convert your attachments to the .azw Kindle extension, you must enter “Convert” as the subject when you are sending to your address.
– Kindle supports many file formats such as PDF,DOC,JPEG,PNG,HTML and GIF.

Accessing Gmail or Yahoo Mail on Kindle Device.

You can configure your email to open up on Kindle. Amazon has instructions on how to set up your email on Kindle to receive and send mail. Another option is to access your email via the Kindle browser. The Kindle has its own web browser provided by Amazon. It is an experimental basic browser that allows you to surf the web and access your Gmail / Yahoo Mail in mobile page mode. Just like a mobile browser, it will allow you to type in the URL of your email service in the address bar, then log in with your Gmail or Yahoo Mail password. You should then be able to check and view your mail.However, since only the mobile version of Gmail/Yahoo is supported by Kindle browser, you won’t be able to see all the features of your email account, and as such you will not be able to download and open the attachments in your Gmail / Yahoo Mail account, but you can send email.

How To Get a Kindle Email Address:

To get a Kindle Email Address,you must register your Kindle Device with Amazon.

1 – Buy Your Preferred Kindle Model (If You Dont Have One)
– Kindle
– Kindle Fire
– Kindle Touch
– Kindle Touch 3G
– Kindle DX
2 – Login into your Amazon Account and Register Your Kindle Device.


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