How to Go Google Shopping

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Google shopping is a price comparison site that allows you to save money by comparing prices from different shops before you buy. The website is easy to use and straightforward. If you are familiar with Ciao, PriceGrabber, Yahoo Shopping, NextTag, ShopZilla, StreetPrices, Pronto and PriceRunner, then you will know how to use the Google Price Comparison site also known as Google Products.
A price comparison site allows you to find the lowest price among the shops which are being compared. It aggregates results from the top shops such as Amazon,, NewEgg and others. You can then go buy what you are looking for by clicking the link to the shop. This is the best way to save money because you will realize that there can be a difference of up to $500 in the price range for a specific product of the same quality and by the same manufacturer. A price comparison site gives you all the information that you need to know when shopping for a product. It shows you the shop rates, product description, shop reviews by other customers, product reviews by other customers, as well as the available brands. If you were using a normal Google or Bing search to look for a product, you would have to search the above mentioned items separately and it would take you some time to gather the information. Instead of wasting hours searching the web and going to each and every shop website, why not go to a one-stop shop where all the information has been prepared for you?
To start window shopping and compare prices from the best shops on the internet, go to Google Shopping at
For localized window shopping (Country specific) for example Australia you would go to a URL like
How to Shop On Google:
You can shop on Google even if you are not signed into your Google account. It’s just like Google Search whereby you just enter your keyword and see the results. Go to the above URL and begin your search. Type in the name of the product that you are looking for in the search bar e.g. “Laptops” or “Digital Cameras”. The home page will give you some ideas of some of the common products that people search for. Simply click the product picture under the search bar and you should see the results page. Ten results are shown and you get to see the product picture, name, short description, price in US Dollars and the number of shops selling the product. Click the [Compare Prices] link to view the price from each shop. The product catalogue gives the full specifications of the product.
Advanced Product Search
To do an Advanced Product Search, click the [Advanced Shopping] link at the bottom right corner of the search bar. This page allows you to add more variables to your search to come up with exact results that match your requirements. Here you can streamline your search by excluding or including specific words, sort prices by ascending or descending order, enter a custom price range and view the product results in List or Grid view. You can also apply filters in your search to exclude or include adult content. Click [Search Products] when you are finished to get the results.
Google Shopping List
When you are logged into your Google Account, you will be able to create a Wish List or Shopping List. You can share this list with friends by entering their email address and clicking the [Find] button.
Shopping Assistant
To view browse all the items that you have viewed during your window shopping on Google Products, click the [Web History] link at the bottom of the page. This is the Shopping Assistant that can be accessed at:
You must be logged into your Google account to view your Web History. You can also see the total number of Google searches that you have done under Web Activity Calendar:

STEP 1: Browse to the Home Page and Search Your Product e.g. Laptops

STEP 2: Browse through the Search Results for Laptops.

STEP 3: Compare the Prices Between The Shops for Laptops.

STEP 4: Use Advanced Search Option To Narrow Your Results.

STEP 5:  Log into your Gmail Account to Create a Shopping List.

STEP 6: Sign into your Gmail Account to Access the Shopping Assistant [Web History] and View the Items that you have been window-shopping.

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