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Disadvantages of Phone Verification for Gmail Login – How to Disable 2 Step Verification

Disadvantages of Enabling Phone Verification for Gmail Login 

Gmail 2 Factor Authentification, a security system that protects your Gmail account from being hijacked by requesting phone verification has its advantages, which many of you are aware of. The main advantage of phone verification is that even if somebody steals your password, they won’t be able to log in and access your account. The second layer of protection offered by 2 Factor authentification will ask the hacker to verify their identity using a mobile number that belongs to the owner. Since all mobile phone numbers are unique, and the hacker doesn’t have access to your phone, they will be blocked.

However, enabling phone verification is only good when you are not a cross-border traveller. If you don’t travel much outside of your country, you will be able to use 2 Factor authentification to log into your Gmail account.
The problem with using Two-Factor authentification outside of your country is that you will be blocked from signing into your account, even if you are the owner of that account. Gmail will automatically detect a suspicious login if you are visiting a foreign country, blocking your password and requesting phone verification. This is frustrating, especially if you don’t have a second number enabled for that location. So what is the solution to this problem?

Disable Phone Verification When You Are Travelling

To prevent being locked out of your Gmail account when you are crossing borders, you have to disable phone verification while you are in the verified country of origin. To turn off 2 Step verification, log into your account and follow these steps:

My Account

1. In your Gmail account, click the “Google Apps” icon. This multi-square icon is located on the top right, next to your Google Profile icon.
2. Click “My Account” in the drop down menu.
3. On the resulting page, click “Sign-in & Security”.

4. On the “Sign-in & Security” page, scroll down until you see “2-Step Verification”. If it’s ON, turn it OFF.

5. Before you turn it off, you will be required to log into your account again. Log in with your usual password and follow instructions.