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How to Edit MS Office Documents [Gmail Attachments] on Google Docs

Edit Microsoft Documents within Gmail Inbox
When you have a Gmail attachment in your inbox, you can either download the attachment to your computer, save it to Google Drive or edit the file with Google Docs.Google Docs supports Microsoft Office documents, allowing you to edit MS Word and Excel documents within your inbox
How to Edit Gmail Attachments in Inbox:
  • Open an email that contains an attachment.
  • Hover your mouse over the attachment preview at the bottom of your mail and click the pencil-like icon “Edit with Google Docs”
  • This will open the document in Google Docs. Edit the file as required and save.
How to Edit MS Document in Google Drive:
You can edit an MS Document directly within Google Drive on your desktop or Android mobile phone. In the previous edition, you had to convert the file to Google Docs but this is no longer required.
  • Log into your Gmail account, and open Google Drive [click the square icon next to your email address on the top right, and then click the Drive icon] or go to
  • Select and double-click an MS Office document that you want to edit.
  • This will open the document on Google Docs. Edit the doc as needed and save.
Things You Will Need:
For Desktop:
To edit documents in your Gmail Inbox or Google Drive, you must also have the Microsoft Office suite installed on your computer. If you need to sync documents from your computer, then you must install the Google Drive client, this is useful if you are working offline, your edits will be automatically synced to Google Drive once you are connected to the internet.
If you don’t have Microsoft Office program installed on your computer, you can still edit documents on your Chrome browser using the Google Drive Chrome extension.
For Mobile Phone:
Google Drive app for Android – The app allows you to view, edit and create MS documents on your mobile device as well as sync files.
Some of the popular files supported by Google Drive:
Google Drive allows up to 15GB of free storage which is shared with your Gmail data and Google Plus photos. You can get 100GB for only $1.99/month when you upgrade your account.
Download Google Drive app for PC, Android, iPhone, iPad >>>

Sophisticated Google Docs Phishing Scam Uncovered By Symantec

A Gmail Phishing Scam That You Cannot Escape
So one of the basic rules in identifying a Gmail phishing message is to check the email domain, the name at which the email is hosted. You can do this by opening the message and reading the sender’s email address at the top left corner of your message, the [from:] field. As you can see in the screenshot below, the mail is coming from the authentic Gmail Team  If you see a misspelled domain or any email domain that tries to imitate Google, for example,, and many other variations, then you should know that it’s a fake domain.

Authentic Google Email Domain

Authentic Google Email Doman

However, as revealed by Symantec, scammers are getting more sophisticated and clever. They have devised a new phishing trick that makes use of an authentic domain name used by Google and Gmail. What does this mean? Well, it means you should be more wary, you should not rely on one sign to identify a fake phishing email. Look for many tell-tale signs. In this case, most people would easily be tricked into signing on a fake page because the domain is authentic.

The scammer who devised this trick definitely knows that many people will log into a fake page if the URL or domain is real. Besides using an authentic Google domain which makes use of a secure SSL certificate, this smart scammer created an authentic-looking Google Drive login page. Here is how the system works:
Inside Google Drive, which is a cloud server, the scammer created a public folder to host a fake Google login page. Google Drive files can be shared as a link and they can be opened online via Google Docs to view them. The scammer then inserted the links in Gmail messages, along with a message asking the recipient to open an “important” document. On clicking the link, the recipient will be directed to a fake Google Drive login page. All the while, the recipient will see an authentic Google URL, so there is no reason to doubt the authenticity of the page.Also, if you are regular user of secure websites, being asked to sign in again is not a new thing. It is not a surprise therefore that most Gmail users will think that being required to log in and out of your account is a security measure that Gmail takes to protect your account.
Once you sign in on the fake page, your login details will be captured and sent to an external server hosted by the scammer.What makes this scam sophisticated is that it doesn’t leave you with a feeling that something is wrong. It’s a smooth operator, after clicking the sign-in button, you will be redirected to the Google Docs document that was promised in the email.

Google Drive Login Phishing Page That Looks Real

So How Do You Protect Yourself?
We said one of the rules for identifying a fake phishing page is checking the domain name.However, what if you are hit by a scam that makes use of an authentic domain or URL as demonstrated by the scam above? Anyone can be a victim of this scam, and above all, you will be a victim without knowing it. Here are ways to protect yourself from this scam:
          Use a FIDO U2F USB security key. This USB key can identify phishing pages.

          Enable 2 Step Verification. It will not stop your password from being stolen but it adds an extra layer of protection (mobile phone verification) to stop hackers from accessing your Gmail account.

So Google Called You? It Might Be a Scam

Gmail User Almost Lost $99 to Google Called You Scam

One of the scams reported by Gmail users is when a scammer claiming to be a Google representative calls you to send your credit card or payment in order to fix your account issues. After getting hold of your number (from the internet or telephone directory), they will call you, telling you that your Gmail account has been hacked or compromised.

Of course this is a lie. They will tell you to send money or submit your credit card in order to fix the problem. Apparently, this is a scare-marketing tactic, a trick to steal your money or credit card information. As one man in Huntsville, Alabama found out, he became a target of this scam but fortunately he was not the gullible type to fall for this trick.
A man claiming to be a Google representative called James Hilliard, and told him that his Google account was compromised and somebody was sending X-rated spam from the account. In order to fix the problem as soon as possible, and after being referred to several anonymous contacts, he was told to send $99 to a company called Ask Mask LLC in Georgia.
James Hilliard refused to give out his credit card information or pay, his instincts had already detected something fishy about the callers. Source >> WHNT News 19
If you are a Gmail user, you should know that Google will never call anybody informing them about their account. Gmail has millions of users, and certainly Google doesn’t have the resources to call each and every owner of a Gmail account. It’s not written in their policy, they will never call anybody. The only occasion when you speak to a Google representative on the phone is when you initiate a phone call, enquiring about your advertising campaign.
So Who Are The Google Scam Callers?
If you receive a phone call from somebody claiming to be a Google employee, then it’s definitely an illegitimate organization or company. Shady Telemarketers in the USA are well known for using brand names like Google to entice potential customers. They will entice you to buy a product or “solution” to solve your problem. For example, a telemarketer who sells Galaxy S4 Unlock codes might call you and claim to be an AT&T employee, he or she will tell you that your SIM Card is blocked and you need to send money to unlock the SIM.
Scammers come with different approaches, a caller might tell you that you have won a Google sponsored award for “Best Gmail User of the Year” or that you were randomly selected to participate in a Lottery for Gmail users. The next thing is obvious, the caller may ask you to make a credit card deposit or submit your personal details.
If it’s too good to be true or unsolicited, then it’s probably a scam.

Run A Cellular Network in a Box with Endaga – For Remote Areas

Using a Single Box Supplied By Endaga, You Can Become a Cellular Network Provider Overnight

Do you live in a remote area without cellular network coverage? Do you wish to run your own cellphone network but you are inhibited by the high costs of equipment and installation? Is your network service provider unreliable, do you think data, SMS and Voice Call should be affordable? If you fall into one of these groups, then you might be happy to know that there is a startup which is providing a cellular network in a box. All you need to do is buy the box, set up your rates, hook the box up a tree or pole, dish out SIM cards and you are ready to go.

Endaga is a for-profit company based in the USA that supplies these boxes. According to their website, they aim to provide internet and cellular coverage to more than 1 billion people who live in remote areas. These are people who live in unserviced areas where internet and cellular coverage is out of reach.
However, before you clap your hands in excitement, there are challenges which need to be overcome before you dream of setting up your own cellular service. The investment for acquiring an Endaga box is only 6,000 USD and the price is expected to go down by 80% over the next 5 years. The box can provide a network coverage of 10km and it comes handy with management tools that allow you to bill customers, transfer credit, data, SMS and voice calls. No technical skills are needed to set up the box. The device makes use of OpenBTS technology to generate VOIP and is powered by solar panels, making it suitable for unelectrified villages. You can set up the box within an instant but it is illegal to set up a cellular network base station without approval from the authorities. Some people have tried to set up their own cellular station [ not an Endaga box] and they ended up in trouble.
So How Do You Do It Legally?
To comply with local network operation rules, you have to apply to the Licensing Authority as a Network Service Provider. When you get the greenlight, go ahead and set up your network like other well-known competitors in your location. You may be required to pay fees for making a backhaul connection.
Examples of Places where Endaga Has Been Successfully Implemented
The good news is that the Endaga network in a box is being successfully implemented without obstacles in countries like Indonesia and plans are underway to introduce the innovation in Pakistan, Panama, Afghanistan, Philippines and South Africa.

In Indonesia, the Endaga box has been installed in a small town called Papua. The box is owned by a local school, and up to now, over 400 people have bought SIM cards to get connected to the only cellular network in town. Before Endaga, school teachers and other locals had to travel 4 hours out of town just to get access to the major network. The Endaga network service in Papua makes use of a satellite backhaul connection. Depending on the type of network infrastructure setup in your country, a different type of backhaulconnection might be required, i.e. fiber, copper or microwave options.

Backhaul Options for Endaga
As discussed above, the network infrastructure in your area will determine the type of backhaul that you need to connect to. You have to get permission to access the backhaul.However, things will get interesting when organizations like Google, Facebook and Microsoft launch their projects for free internet access worldwide. If you have been following the experiments and developments by these organizations, Facebook is working on, a project to deliver free internet via drones and Google is in the final stages of testing Google Loon, a project to deliver free internet via balloons. A rollout is expected to begin in June, 2015.
In the event of a successful worldwide deployment of these internet projects, Facebook Drones and Google Balloons will provide a backhaul connection in remote areas, allowing you to connect an Endaga receiver. Obviously an Endaga box is one of the options that would be available among other devices supplied by third parties in the market.
Who Can Benefit From Endaga


The CEOs of Endaga say their service is designed for entrepreneurs, hustlers and community leaders in remote areas. If you are an enterprising person in a community that lacks cellular services, then you might find this service attractive. Besides the business benefits, Endaga helps unconnected communities to get connected to their loved ones and the world through a standard cellphone, which is quite affordable in many developing countries.You can browse the internet from a remote location on a mobile browser for cellphones (e.g. Nokia Express, Opera Mini), log into your Gmail account, use Whatsapp and Facebook.

Share Google Drive Files as Gmail Attachments – Prevent Data Loss

Why You Must Share a File From Google Drive As a Gmail Attachment
Cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox and are great services which allow you to store and share large files online. To share a file, you must send a link to the recipient, so that they can download the file from the cloud server.
Google Drive has gone a step forward by allowing you to share a file as a Gmail email attachment. If you are a regular user of G Drive, you will notice that you were only able to share a file as a link. It might look like a small feature but it is very important. Sharing files as attachment preserves them for future access even if they are deleted from the Drive storage. On the other hand, a link does not allow you to do that, once a file is deleted, it is gone, making the link useless.
The following are advantages of sharing your Drive files as a Gmail attachment:
·           You can access the files in the cloud storage as well as in your Gmail Inbox
·           When you delete the files in the cloud storage, you will still be able to access the files in your Gmail Inbox. Prevent data loss from deletion.
·           The recipient can still get access to the files even if you delete them from G Drive.
To insert a Drive file as an attachment in your Gmail message, do the following:
·         Log into Gmail, and compose a new email
·         Click the Google Drive icon at the bottom of the text editor
·         Select your file from Google Drive and click “insert as attachment” on the bottom right
·         Wait for the file to be attached and saved to your message, then click “Send”
Only files under 25mb can be attached.

New Google Inbox App – Never Miss Important Gmail Messages Again

Inbox is a new application by Google that strives to be much more organized, efficient ,specialized and proactive than the traditional Gmail Email when it comes to important messages. If you are concerned about keeping track of important stuff in your email, you will know that it can be a pain to sort out the clutter especially if you are using one email address for all your needs. Have you ever opened your Gmail, looking for a specific email about a certain transaction, only to be distracted by a bunch of unread emails whose headlines catch your eyes? This not only distracts you but it can make you forget what you are looking for. It’s a common thing for people to set out looking for something, only to forget what they are looking for when they are distracted, for example, you might drop a ring in your room, forget that you dropped a ring, then start searching for something you don’t know.
If the above scenario has ever happened to you while searching for an important email in your Gmail account, then you need Inbox. The Gmail Inbox app will prevent you from getting distracted, forgetting important stuff and trolling while checking your email.
They say a dog is a man’s best friend, but in this era of mobile communication, the mobile phone has taken that position. The mobile phone is always with us on a daily basis, wherever we go, we have the mobile phone as our companion, whether it be at work, at home, while commuting, travelling and even bathing. We have Facebook, mobile games, Whatsapp, email, SMS and Voice Call competing for our attention on the mobile phone. It’s difficult to remain sane and focused in this noise. Important things are sidetracked and minor things are prioritized. A phone call or SMS notification can easily disrupt your attention while you are browsing your inbox. Receiving a lot of email and digging through the pile can cause email fatigue, causing you to give up searching for that important email.Remember, we live in an era with too much buzz and trivia, our attention spans are much shorter than ever before.
The Google Inbox app for mobile has five features that help you to keep in touch with important email and not be sidetracked:
Auto Groups:
Inbox can learn your email communications and automatically sort the mail into groups of similar email. For example, if you have ordered some stuff online on Amazon, EBay, Aliexpress, Best Buy, PlayAsia and other shops, the app will group your invoices, making it easier for you to view your purchase history. You can customize the grouping criteria and Inbox will learn to use the criteria.
Key Information:
When you log into Inbox, it will show you the important email but it doesn’t stop at that. The app will highlight the key details which require you to take action if needed. For example, you ordered a Wrist Mobile Watch Phone from Aliexpress, and the Customs Department requires you to send documentation. The app will highlight the clearance notification from the Courier and the link for contact details.
Reminders and To Do Lists:
You can create reminders and to-do lists on your Inbox app.
If you create reminders and to-do lists, Inbox will add helpful details known as Assists. Assists allow you to take action such as calling a number, clicking a link or visiting the place. For example, if you book a hotel online, the app will add helpful info such as the street address or phone number. If you plan to buy something on Amazon, create a reminder, and Assists will highlight a link to visit Amazon.
This feature of Inbox allows you to ignore specific messages and reminders for a specific time, until you want to see them. This allows you to concentrate on urgent tasks that need to be done right away. Snooze will remove the messages from visibility and bring them back to the top after a scheduled time.
Inbox has not yet been rolled out to everyone at this time of writing. If you wish to test Inbox, send an invite request to or go to this page >> get Inbox
Currently, the app works on Android phones (4.1+), iPhone and Chrome Browser. After you receive an invitation, you can download the app on:
Download Inbox:
For iPhone


Google Takeout – Download Your Gmail Data to Your Computer or Move Your Mail to Another Service



Google Takeout is a Google service that allows you to download and backup your Gmail email data on your computer or take it anywhere with you. You can move your Gmail Mail to another service e.g. Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo Mail or move it to a cloud storage server such as Box, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox or iCloud.
You not only have the ability to download your Gmail Mail, but you can also download and backup 17 other Google services such as Calendar, Blogger, Google Drive, Google Voice, Google+ Data, Contacts, YouTube and Picasa Photos.
Gmail provides a maximum storage limit of 15GB including shared data from Google Drive and Google Plus Pictures. You can see the amount of storage space that your Gmail is using by scrolling down to the bottom of the page and reading the Gigabytes (GB) just under the mail on the bottom left corner. In this case (picture below), the user is currently using 3.88 GB (25%) of 15GB.
Gmail contains the all the vital history of your email exchanges from the date you created your account, and provided you didn’t delete the data, you will be able to download it to your computer or any other service.
Why You Must Download Your Gmail Data
Why should you download and backup your Gmail data? If you are encountering regular and occasional Gmail Login problems, it should be a warning and reminder for you to download a copy of your Gmail on your computer. It is safe to download your Gmail messages in order to keep a copy in case your Gmail account gets hacked, hijacked or closed. When you aren’t able to log into your account for whatever reason, you will be able to keep a reference of your past and important email with friends, relatives, companies, clients and other contacts.
The second reason to download your email is to keep track of past email correspondencies.Email that was received a long time ago (e.g. 5 years ago) usually gets deleted or buried and forgotten as time goes on. Years later, we find that we need this old info. If you downloaded an archive of this email, you will be able to retrieve the old info, if not then you are screwed.
Finally, email servers like other web applications can be affected by bugs or attacked by internet viruses. Each year, security threats that thrive on the vulnerability of online services are born, and in some cases they can be fatal. The worst that can happen to your Gmail account is when you lose your data i.e. when your email is stolen or even wiped out by a virus or cyber criminal. Examples of cyber-attacks resulting in data loss include the Living Social hack of 26 April 2013, when hackers stole 50 million customer records, Adobe Inc. hack of 3 October 2013 when 152 million customer records including credit cards and debit cards were stolen, Target / Fazio Mechanical Services hack of 18 December 2013 when 110 million customer records including 40 million credit cards/debit cards were lost.
To download your Gmail Data, go to the Google Takeout link on:
You can add other Google products to download by clicking the link “Show these products” below, and ticking the products that you want to download.
It will take a long time to download your Gmail, especially if you have a lot of data like 4 GB.Gmail will email you when your download is complete.